Dear Danny and Melissa,

Working with you has been a joy and pleasure. Everyone says that construction can be a torment and a nightmare, Well, parts of our renovation were difficult – like how long it seemed to take to finish everything – but YOUR part was wonderful.

You employ workers with a sense of pride and dedication. They work hard everyday and do a great job.

But you Danny, are the “heart and soul” of the operation – you take personal responsibility for every aspect of the work – we loved meeting your charming children and your beautiful dog – you had wonderful ideas and brought them to life. Even to the point of visiting our home in the evenings and on week-ends, to check on the koi and aim the lighting.

Because of you, our dreams are a reality – and thanks to your efforts, we had two parties on the week-end of September 28th and showed off our new home with pride to our friends and family.

Thank you for everything – and please feel free to use us as a reference – we are happy to show the house and talk to anyone interested to know how well you do your job.

Kindest regards,

Maddy & Neil